Five Ways to Concentrate on Study

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Published: 23rd October 2012
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Many people find it hard to keep their minds going while studying; whether while reading a book or working on a project. There are many reasons that could behind it; reasons which vary from the lack of concentration, disinterest or even health reasons that might need either personal attention or medical help.
But there are many ways which would bring back your attention to the subject which you have at hand. Whereas the traditional ways fail, this set of unorthodox methods might be your final solution:

1- Small workout sessions:
It might seem like an utter waste of precious time to work out and do a few pushups and sit-ups while studying, but the time you would take would not pass ten minutes at maximum.
The physical activity you do will not only freshen up your body, but as your body becomes more refreshed, your mind does too. Your lungs open up as you work out and thus; oxygen makes its way up to your brain and you would start to be more active and work harder.
While you work out, you will mesmerize the last thing you that you studied, watched or read.

2- Change your place:
Changing your place will require a little movement; almost similar to working your body out except that it is on a limited scale.
The light might be coming in a strange angle that is not enabling you from concentrating and your position might be too comfortable; allowing you to get more relaxed and thus taking away the attention you might have in your study and pouring it into the sleepiness.
The position will also be a factor in your laziness as you might be looking at something that is dividing your attention. Some people cannot manage to study without noise while others will not even study when a television is on a few feet away from them.

3- Switch subjects:
While you might be pouring all your attention into one specific topic, your attention will begin to divert itself from the amount of information that will seem to repeat themselves.
Taking a break to study another subject or to read an article or even to play a ten minute game will distract you from the thought of repetition and routine; thus, it will push you to study harder when you return to the subject which you were studying.

4- Eat a snack:
While being full of food will make your mind work slower as your attention will be working on digestion, working or studying while your stomach is empty is also impossible.
You cannot think about anything productive while your attention is concentrated on eating. Your hunger is not only in your stomach but also in your mind.

5- Play music!
When you begin to fall asleep and even the rush of caffeine does not work then a little noise will keep you awake unless you have been listening to music for a while.
Putting the same track on repeat will break its effect in a while, but your level of concentration will decrease after a while so, if you wanted to pay attention to one specific point then you should keep the same track playing, and with the next, put another track on repeat.
Music will not have the same effect on all people, so, test the methods on whether you would lose attention if you kept one track or played a whole list. Different genres have different effects.
Avoid music that would connect with your feelings and the sort of music that would make you feel sleepy or that which you would repeat after., The ultimate source for self understanding

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