How to Handle Criticism

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Published: 02nd November 2012
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In many situations, criticism becomes a devastating factor that we stop wanting to try doing things. The attention we receive when we do something so great to us might come either way but sometimes we just do not want to listen to it.

But criticism comes in many ways, some of them are plain out positive and others are just negative but sometimes even the positive reviews and criticism come out in a negative way that leaves a negative effect in our minds. It's substantial that we understand the type of criticism that is thrown towards us in order to see where it could take us.

Before jumping into a conclusion on whether or not you should leave the context of the criticism and simply ignore it in order to move on, you should understand where the context would take you because sometimes you will get good advice from it. Sometimes criticism will help you with the upcoming tasks and even though you might feel bad about it, it will aid you.
In short, positive criticism usually carries good advice and you should utilize it in your favor. The task is not to do what the critique told you, but rather to use your senses and mark their words, attempt them if you believe that they will help you and leave them if you don't feel so.

Then there is a different side of criticism that is negative in every way. You will suffer from bad criticism no matter who you are. There will always be someone who doesn't like what you are doing, whether because they believe that you are not doing it the right way or because they just don't like the fact that you are the one doing so.
Negative criticism should be ignore, but not let go of. You might have done a job so horribly that your boss will comes and criticize your work in almost insulting manners,, but that type of criticism is not as negative as you'd see it, but rather a push to help you achieve better results the next times. It's essential that you differentiate between negative criticism and motivational criticism.
And even though sometimes you will just be criticized because of someone not liking you and you know you should simply just let it go and ignore it, you will find yourself aching because of it. But you don't have to ignore it.

Ignoring things will pile them up and eventually you will not be able to see the way across. Sometimes you need motivation to do the things you think are right and that motivation might get a boost from the negative criticism you take. If someone you dislike criticizes acts that you are doing, the inner reverse psychology will work your mind and push you to keep going, and that is all you need.
Utilize the negative criticism and enhance yourself with it so you would be able to go further.
In the end, you should know that the only type of criticism that you should receive is positive criticism, and if you are receiving negative criticism on things that you doubt, then you shouldn't overlook it. Sometimes negative criticism will help you reach better understanding of the situation and will stop you from doing something wrong.
It's all in your mind. You are the master and no opinion will make you do something that you do not want to do or vice versa., The ultimate source for self understanding

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