Ways to maintain a healthy life style

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Published: 23rd October 2012
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Not many people plan on having a healthy life; going through the routines that many people consider boring like working out or eating healthy food. But those who choose to live through the fun ways that will not require too much attention to their weight or their physical and mental wellbeing.
While many people will see the positive side of the pleasures of life, you should not be one of those who will overlook the long run and decide to live for today. There's no shame in living for today, but there is plenty of shame when you grow old and cannot take responsibility for the life you have lived.
There are many things that could improve your health and at the same time will fun things to do if you take them from a different point of view.

1- Workout:
Work out does not take too long unless you are willing to spend hours, not only to keep your body healthy, but to grow muscles and build your body well.
The amount of time you could work out in does not necessarily have to be long or measured by minutes, but there are simple ways that could enable your body to take its need of work out without taking too much of your time:
- Work out in the morning and at night; take two sessions that would only take ten minutes per session.
- If you work nearby your house, wake up a little earlier and go for a walk. That would be the only work-out you need to do in the day.
Working out will not only grant you physical improvements; but it will also give you more energy and your mind will work a lot faster and better than it used to. You will not be as lazy and you will be able to concentrate on more things

2- Making an occasional trip to the countryside:
Making a trip to the countryside every now and then will feed your spirit. The nature will carry some sort of a revival to your spirit and your body.
Aside from the traffic and the noise of the city and the mental and physical stress. Nature is always a relief and the little time you spend between the trees and on the grass will be a relief.
If you are seeking inspiration and amusement, then take some time off to meditate in the stress-free nature and allow your imagination to drive you.
This will not only help your mind, but away from the smoke and the cars and the annoyance, your body will regain its composure and your lungs will regenerate easier.

3- Arrange your meals and the activities you do in your day:
Partially, many will look at that as a sort of routine and diet that they will hate going through, but the arrangements you make will not affect your life and will not turn out to be boring or annoying.
For example, you should not eat heavy meals before going to bed. Try to spend an hour after eating and before going to bed and the next day you will feel the difference.
Your sleep will affect your mood and your productivity. If you keep that in mind and arrange your sleeping hours so you sleep at night and not during the day that will make a huge difference in your capability in working.
Follow the health instructions on medication and things that require attention. Your mistakes will only be blamed on you.
Visit the doctor every few months to check up on your entire health so you would stay as healthy as can be.

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