What causes muscle loss

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Published: 06th January 2011
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I have spend 2 years going to the gym lifting heavy weights and losing muscles!!

Because i was originally skinny that felt so frustrating and i was wondering all day why this was happening to me.

Later on when i started reading about muscle building i discovered that i was making some mistakes that many people do and that results in muscle loss.

As soon as i started avoiding those mistakes my muscles started growing and i reached he body shape you can see in the right side bar.

In this article i will tell you about the causes of muscle loss so that you can avoid them and get bigger muscles.

Why do people lose muscles?

I am assuming that you don't have any kind of illness and that you are losing muscles even though you are training well. Here are the causes of muscle loss:

* Too much mental effort: You burn more food thinking that the food you burn while lifting weights. If you are subjected to extreme amounts of stress or if you are constantly worried about something then you are actually breaking down your muscles without noticing. One of the periods i lost muscle the most was in 2008 where i had my money in stocks and i was losing a respectful some of money each day

* Are you lifting heavy weights?: Muscles grow when they are subjected to heavy weights that they can barely lift. If you do 15 reps or more then forget about getting bigger muscles. Lift heavy and try to use a weight that doesn't allow you to reach 10 reps

* Over training: That's one of the most popular reasons for muscle loss. Some people , especially skinny guys, think that they are doing themselves a favor by training the same muscle more than once a week or by going to the gym for 5 times a week. By doing so you will not be allowing your muscles to repair from the damage caused by training and they will never grow.

* Too little carbs?: Muscles can't grow unless you eat a lot of carbs. Lots of people mistakenly think that protien is what they need and that's the reason they lose muscles. If you want to grow big then you should be eating both proteins and carbs especially if you were a skinny guy

* Too much cardio?: Too much cardio can result in loss of muscle mass especially for skinny guys. If you want to grow big then forget about cardio for a while until you can afford fat loss

* Lifting heavy weights incorrectly: Lots of skinny guys do that mistake. They become frustrated when they don't grow fast and so they start to lift heavier weights than they can't lift correctly. As a result they don't perform the exercises perfectly and so they load their bones, tendons and joints instead of their muscles which results in muscle loss overtime

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