Why you should like showy people

Published: 23rd May 2010
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Everyone doesn't like those who show off, right?
At least that's how i used to think of showing off before i studied psychology because after i did i discovered that it's really wise to like people who show off in front of you.

sounds weird? then read this article to know why do people like to show off.

Why do some people show off

Humans are social beings by nature, the support that a person gets out of his friends and family can help him get over many mental health issues and physical health problems.

Even Some mammals were found to experience symptoms similar to depression symptoms when they were isolated from their group.

Because intimacy is very important to humans everyone strives for acceptance and for the love of others in his own way.

If it happened that a human being felt that he needs more effort in order to be liked or to be accepted by others he might start to show off.

So showing off is an act that people do when they feel that others don't think highly of them or when they believe that others aren't aware of their real worth.

So contrary to common beliefs people who show off aren't arrogant but they are just in need of love and acceptance.

Why you should like people who show off

Showy people don't usually show off in front of everybody but they show off in front of the ones who are important to them in order to gain their love and acceptance.

That's why you should like showy people!! After all if someone is showing off in front of you then this means that you are important to him and that being liked by you is an important goal for him!!

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